Crystal Your Life!

Is life out of control?
Having problems adapting to Australia?
Do you think you may be a little depressed?

If you are looking for a place with safety and confidentiality, new strategies to see positive change and growth in your life… Crystal Counselling Service is that place for you to call.

Everybody encounters some problems and stresses in different stages along the life, there will be a period of time that one cannot face, and seems no way out to solve the problems. Counselling can help you understand and explore yourself, the issues, your potential resources and strengths, and to develop the strategies and skills to enable you to get through the difficult time. Counselling is a talking therapy that provides a safe and confidential space to think about and explore any problems with a professional counsellor. You can sit in a safe and warm counselling room, or somewhere that you think is comfortable such as your home, or even your favourite cafe or park, allowing you to talk freely. Counsellor will listen and understand your feelings and make you feel better. In the counselling process, you are the one who have the right to decide the priority issues to be addressed and the methods to be used, the counsellor is the helper in the process to accompany you to face and deal with the problems. Counselling can help you clarify the cause of the psychological distress, find ways to solve the problem or make adjustments in response to the problem.

Our mission is …. To develop and deliver safe, low cost, reliable, high quality and responsive counselling, support and treatment services to individuals, couples and families in our community for a range of life, emotional and spiritual issues.