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About us

About us

Crystal Chui emigrated from Hong Kong to Australia in 1993. Not only she can speak English and two major Chinese languages – Cantonese & Mandarin, to provide safe, affordable, reliable, high quality and responsive counselling, support and treatment services to the individuals especially Chinese community in Australia; she understands the differences of culture and values between Australian and Chinese in different aspects of interpersonal relationships, family and education. With an Asian background, she also experienced the issues of acculturative stress, loneliness, loss of self-esteem & identity, strain and fatigue in the new culture.

Crystal Chui provides counselling service to support issues from grief, anxiety, substance abuse, depression, psychological stresses, gambling or other addictions, interpersonal or social problems, problems or stressors that affect migrants, family related problems (relationship and parenting), work issues and personal coaching, etc.

Crystal Chui holds a master qualification in counselling in Australia, and she is an experienced and qualified counsellor who brings a broad range of skills, training and experience to the work. Crystal is a good listener, she will listen actively to all the concerns and things related, and assist the clients to go through different stages of development. She aims to help clients to understand their difficulties from different perspective, explore themselves and their inner worlds, and to develop the strategies and skills, look for new directions and possibilities which enable the clients to walk through their difficult times.

All communication and information with Crystal will be handled properly and kept strictly confidential. The Australian Counselling Association (ACA) code of ethics and practice will be followed and complied with, to provide the professional counselling services. Crystal will get an informed consent from the client if she makes a professional referral to other institutions or other service providers when necessary (e.g. if it is for the best interest and outcome for the client, ensure the safety of the client and other parties). If she requires to disclose some of the personal information to the relevant professionals, organisations or government departments, it will be in accordance with the provisions of all relevant legislation and regulations that applied.

Crystal Counselling Service is an Australian legally registered business. Australian Business Number (ABN): 66 718 807 319
Crystal is a member of Australian Counselling Association (ACA).